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Customized Bookie Website


Imagine owning your very own sports betting website where only you and your players have access. At HostPPH we specialize in providing bookies with a FREE customized website, design and development from start to finish. Not only has our design team put together a gallery of templates for you to choose from but you can also request changes by mixing and matching different templates or request one to be built from scratch with your own specifications.

Your Own Domain Name

The HostPPH marketing department has a list of pre–purchased domain names for bookies to choose from. The process is as simple as choosing a template and one of the domain names from the available domain list and within 48 hours your site will go live. If you already own a domain name that you want to use we will configure your site to be able to access our network of secure servers. We are also happy to purchase a domain name on your behalf as long as it is available.

Why Customized Websites Work

No one knows your players better than you do. A customized website that features players, teams, colors and other aesthetics that they can identify with will make them feel good about logging in and placing bets with you. Customized websites create a sense of loyalty and ownership with players and lets them know that you care about your customers and keeping them happy. A website with regional appeal and an easy to remember domain name will help you brand your business and stay ahead of the competition in your area while you recruit new players.