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How Does HostPPH Pricing Work?

At Host PPH, rather than just offering you one set price per head, Host actually specializes in creating customized packages for each and every one of our bookmaking agents based upon the following:

Host PPH believes that dealing openly and honestly from day 1 with our bookmaking agents is the secret to building long term loyalty. Unlike other pay per head services that may start bookies out with a low teaser rate and then hold them hostage with a bunch of hidden service fees after you've committed, Host PPH sets a real per head price for agents guaranteed not go up!

Host provides clear and transparent reporting to agents on all of their players week to week betting activities. Your account will be billed each week based on an agreed price per player. You will only be billed for players that have placed wagers in the previous week. If they don't play, you don't pay.

The agent will be able to generate a report that shows him his active player numbers and compare that to his billing statement that shows a weekly deduction from his account.

IMPORTANT: HostPPH is not involved with the collection or payment of money to or from players. We do not ask for any commissions to be paid on player net losses. The size and frequency of a players betting will not affect your weekly rate. Your price, once set, is guaranteed never to go up!

Depositing Money

HostPPH provides various methods that agents can use to deposit money into their account. Our payment system is set up to be both convenient and confidential. HostPPH WILL NOT ask for an upfront deposit to get you started and open your account.

CONSUMER WARNING: Don't be fooled by PPH offices that offer too good to be true prices while claiming to provide the same service as HostPPH. These companies are knowingly offering you a sub–standard service that will only cost you money in the end.