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Agent Profiling

What Is An Agent Profile?

Every client with HostPPH is assigned an agent profile that governs the rules, limits and odds that their players must abide by when they are placing bets in their account. A good way to think of your profile is as your own set of house rules. At HostPPH we never forget that we work for you and will ensure that your profile is setup exactly the way you want it. You will never be "forced" to take action that you don't want.

Once your agent profile settings are determined the next step is to establish individual player limits. For example an agent might take a max wager of $5000 on NFL straight bets from his best players but only $1000 or less from the majority of players. Some of the basic information that is needed to setup your agent account is:

Unlimited Custom Profiles

At HostPPH we know that not all of your players are the same. As with other businesses sports booking works on the 80/20 law. 80% of your business comes from 20% of your clients. Because of this we will create separate profiles for your best players if you want to give them special consideration or wagering privileges that are not enjoyed by everyone. At anytime you can contact us to make changes and adjustments to your settings.