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Move Your Own Lines & Juice

Although the Host PPH line management team has over a century of combined line moving experience to ensure that your players always receive the sharpest line, from time to time you might want to take matters into your own hands especially on your hometown favorite.

The Hostpph advanced line control feature allows agents to completely take control of their own betting lines & odds at a moment's notice. By doing so agents can take control every offering such as; money lines, spreads, totals, quarter, halftimes, as well as futures & props.

Agents can move or adjust betting lines or juice anytime as well as have the choice to activate or deactivate any betting line giving agents the option to either invite the type of action that they want or deter the type of action that they don't!

Our team of risk & line management professionals will work to minimize your risk and maximize your profits by always dealing the sharpest lines and up to minute odds to your bettors!

The Host pay per head service will take your local sports betting business to the next level!