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Agent Management

Master Agents & Sub–Agents

HostPPH has the experience and know–how to handle even the largest bookmaking organizations. Master agents who have sub–agents that handle portions of their business will be able to see a clear and organized layout of their business operations. While Master agents get a complete overview of every player, Sub–agents will only be able to see the activity of the players they deal with directly. Master agents have total control over all permissions granted to their Sub–agents including their ability to adjust balances and credit limits or cancel wagers.


Many Sub–agents work off a commission on net losses generated by their player group. HostPPH gives Master agents detailed reports on weekly commissions that clearly detail their Sub–agents standing.

There is no limit to the number of Sub–agents that can be assigned to a Master agent. As your business grows HostPPH will be with you every step of way to ensure you maintain maximum control and profitability.